Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Weekend Share

I haven't really taken as many pictures as I would like but since I just got my new lens I was really itching to play with it. The sky was beautiful on Friday after I got off of work so I stopped in front on the side of the road to take some shots of the sky. I didn't get the part of the sky that really amazed me (it looked like a bunch of angel wings) but I'm still happy with these. It was fun to practice :)

I love the sunburst in this one:

Ha ha!! I saw myself in the mirror and I thought it would be fun to show my reflection as I captured the sky:

Today we went to my mother in law's house and while Carlos and the kids took a nap I went outside to take a few pictures. I saw some lonely roses by a light pole that my mother in law said she doesn't even keep up with and I decided to go take some shots. I loved playing with the depth of field in these!! It was a little hard to get focus because it was pretty windy but I really like these few shots I took as the wind settled down.

A pretty rose by a light pole:

Another rose on the other side of the same pole:

I really love the DOF:

Same rose as above but from a different angle:

When Litos saw this picture he said: "Mommy, something missing!" Aww that was soo cute and funny at the same time!:

Thanks for reading :)

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