Friday, January 14, 2011

Playing with my studio set-up

I've been playing around with my Alien Bee light and softbox to get the hang of everything. This was the second time I used it but I still feel like I need a lot of work. I had it on the lowest setting on the Bee but I was still getting some hotspots here and there. Looking back at my camera settings, I think I had my aperture too open on some of them. The instructions on the Bee said to keep the f-stop above f/4 but some of mine said f/2.8, oops!! I wanted to play with it some more last night to get tons of practice in before my "Valentine's Day shoot" with the kids but we were all SO tired we fell asleep on the couch as soon as we got home! I woke up again around 8pm after Carlos got home because Maricela woke up and wanted to go to her crib. That's what I get for only getting 4 hours of sleep on Monday - Wednesday. I really need to sleep more. Anyway, enough gibber-gabber. Here are the pictures from last night:

My color is so off on the ones with the blue seamless. I need to re-edit these to see if I can get better skintones. I really don't know why they look so bad on here, I promise they looked much better in Photoshop! I played with these in ACR (even though they were JPEG) and I think my color space is not set to sRGB... I really need to look into it. The last two were Photoshop only (no ACR):

This pose would be perfect with their Valentine's Day outfits:

Here are my favorite from that day:

Thanks for reading!

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