Sunday, January 23, 2011

Litos Model

I've been practicing with my studio lights and I feel much better about how my photos are coming out now. I took these the other day when Maricela was asleep so Carlitos was my only model. It's okay... he's such a great and willing model. I love him :-) :

He wanted to wear those Mickey ears but he had them backwards on this one:

Look at that beautiful smile:

He said he was a horse. LOL He's SOO silly:

He was too busy playing with a little paper to look at the camera. I called him and he said "I busy playing with the pay-po (paper)" Ha ha!!:

He was coming up with all these poses by himself and I was craking up:

He didn't want to smile... but I caught him:

He was giving me the side eye. This one looks a little different than the rest. I was playing with my edits to see what I liked best:

One more:

Thanks for reading :)

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