Monday, January 17, 2011

Hey there, Woody!!

I wanted to play with my studio lights using the D40 but I don't have the wireless/hotshoe triggers. There is no other way to connect to the D40 (that I know of) to the lights so I decided to use the D700 as my "trigger." As in, I connected the light to the D700 and I pressed the shutter at the same.exact.time as I did the D40 to try to capture the flash of light at the same time. The D700 is faster so it was tricky but somehow, I got it to work! I'm really proud of this picture because I tried and tried but I kept getting blank pictures-- the light would flash much faster than the shutter of the D40 could capture. Until FINALLY... I got this:

Not too bad for an entry level camera!! I really want to get some wireless/hotshoe triggers so I can experiment more with the D40 and the studio lights... my birthday is coming up so we'll see ;)

Here is a pullback shot of the picture taken at the exact.same.time on the D700.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. WOW Mayra this is good. I like how the entry level camera took it not bad at all.