Monday, January 31, 2011

Updates coming soon!

I really want to make a few changes to my blog so be on the look out! I would really like to add more storyboards and larger pictures so we'll see how that goes. It's going to be a little more work for me but I think the end result will look much better! I'm making this post so I can actually follow through. ;-) Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog; I hope to make it much better for you guys. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Weekend Share

I haven't really taken as many pictures as I would like but since I just got my new lens I was really itching to play with it. The sky was beautiful on Friday after I got off of work so I stopped in front on the side of the road to take some shots of the sky. I didn't get the part of the sky that really amazed me (it looked like a bunch of angel wings) but I'm still happy with these. It was fun to practice :)

I love the sunburst in this one:

Ha ha!! I saw myself in the mirror and I thought it would be fun to show my reflection as I captured the sky:

Today we went to my mother in law's house and while Carlos and the kids took a nap I went outside to take a few pictures. I saw some lonely roses by a light pole that my mother in law said she doesn't even keep up with and I decided to go take some shots. I loved playing with the depth of field in these!! It was a little hard to get focus because it was pretty windy but I really like these few shots I took as the wind settled down.

A pretty rose by a light pole:

Another rose on the other side of the same pole:

I really love the DOF:

Same rose as above but from a different angle:

When Litos saw this picture he said: "Mommy, something missing!" Aww that was soo cute and funny at the same time!:

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the Junk Yard

I took the D40 out with me the other day since I've been neglecting it and I'm still impressed at what this little camera can do. It's really sharp if there is enough light and it never disappoints me when taking pictures outside. These were taken in my dad's junk yard the other day with the Nikon D40 and the 18-200mm VR. I did edit these to sharpen and to increase the blacks a little and that's it! Nothing else was done to them; the white balance on these was pretty much perfect even with auto white balance. Here are just a few I took that day:

A smiley face tractor:

A view from the other side:

Old Camaro:

Again the Camaro but with a little sunflare:

Carlitos decided he wanted to join in the fun. He's such a perfect model:

It's a little high for him but he wasn't scared:

He wanted to get inside of everything and have his picture taken:

He thinks he's a driver. He was making all kinds of sounds in there:

and this is what your hands look like after playing in a junk yard and getting on everything you want:

Thanks for reading!! :)

Litos Model

I've been practicing with my studio lights and I feel much better about how my photos are coming out now. I took these the other day when Maricela was asleep so Carlitos was my only model. It's okay... he's such a great and willing model. I love him :-) :

He wanted to wear those Mickey ears but he had them backwards on this one:

Look at that beautiful smile:

He said he was a horse. LOL He's SOO silly:

He was too busy playing with a little paper to look at the camera. I called him and he said "I busy playing with the pay-po (paper)" Ha ha!!:

He was coming up with all these poses by himself and I was craking up:

He didn't want to smile... but I caught him:

He was giving me the side eye. This one looks a little different than the rest. I was playing with my edits to see what I liked best:

One more:

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hey there, Woody!!

I wanted to play with my studio lights using the D40 but I don't have the wireless/hotshoe triggers. There is no other way to connect to the D40 (that I know of) to the lights so I decided to use the D700 as my "trigger." As in, I connected the light to the D700 and I pressed the shutter at the same.exact.time as I did the D40 to try to capture the flash of light at the same time. The D700 is faster so it was tricky but somehow, I got it to work! I'm really proud of this picture because I tried and tried but I kept getting blank pictures-- the light would flash much faster than the shutter of the D40 could capture. Until FINALLY... I got this:

Not too bad for an entry level camera!! I really want to get some wireless/hotshoe triggers so I can experiment more with the D40 and the studio lights... my birthday is coming up so we'll see ;)

Here is a pullback shot of the picture taken at the exact.same.time on the D700.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A few new props

I'm really excited about my new props but now I need a newborn to play with! I bought the red Coca-cola crate on and I made the little green mossy/grassy looking blanket. I wanted it to be a darker green but I couldn't find the color yarn that I wanted so I made this for now using my knifty knitter. It's a little small but I think it will work for a newborn. I also have a small tree stump on the way and I can't wait to see what the green blankie looks like on it!! Hopefully if I can find the darker green furry yarn so I can make a much bigger one!

Here they are together. Don't they look so nice! :)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Playing with my studio set-up

I've been playing around with my Alien Bee light and softbox to get the hang of everything. This was the second time I used it but I still feel like I need a lot of work. I had it on the lowest setting on the Bee but I was still getting some hotspots here and there. Looking back at my camera settings, I think I had my aperture too open on some of them. The instructions on the Bee said to keep the f-stop above f/4 but some of mine said f/2.8, oops!! I wanted to play with it some more last night to get tons of practice in before my "Valentine's Day shoot" with the kids but we were all SO tired we fell asleep on the couch as soon as we got home! I woke up again around 8pm after Carlos got home because Maricela woke up and wanted to go to her crib. That's what I get for only getting 4 hours of sleep on Monday - Wednesday. I really need to sleep more. Anyway, enough gibber-gabber. Here are the pictures from last night:

My color is so off on the ones with the blue seamless. I need to re-edit these to see if I can get better skintones. I really don't know why they look so bad on here, I promise they looked much better in Photoshop! I played with these in ACR (even though they were JPEG) and I think my color space is not set to sRGB... I really need to look into it. The last two were Photoshop only (no ACR):

This pose would be perfect with their Valentine's Day outfits:

Here are my favorite from that day:

Thanks for reading!