Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Lonely Park

On my drive home last night it was raining and cold... it was just really crappy weather. As I was getting closer to home the rain stopped and the sky turned the most beautiful yellow and gray colors. I passed by the park and it was empty because of the rain and because there were huge puddles of water everywhere. It just looked so pretty. I kept driving and as I pulled into our driveway I decided that I needed to go back to take a picture. If I didn't have 2 hungry kids with me I might have spent a lot more time taking pictures of how pretty everything looked. I only took a few shots and these are my 2 favorite ones. They were nearly perfect straight out of camera but I added just a little more vibrance in Lightroom 3. As I moved the slider a little... I fell in love, LOL!!!

I love how moody this one is:

You can still see the storm clouds lingering above:

Just for fun, here is one I took of Maricela. Please excuse the pen marks on her face... she was "drawing" at grandma's house:

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