Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Posting Day 4

Oops... I'm getting behind already! Well yesterday we went to a Christmas party and when I came back it was pretty late but instead of posting on my blog I got on the message boards, hee hee hee... I kind of trailed off from there before I went to sleep. :)

My mom took care of the kids the few hours we were at the party and it was fun to relax a little bit without having to worry about what the kids might get into. I'm sure they had more fun at grandmas house than they would at a party with a bunch of crazy adults anyway. The people there just got crazier and crazier the more they drank and it's pretty funny for me and Carlos to watch since we don't drink... we just get to witness all the crazy ;-) He's the unofficial photographer whenever we go to parties but he hardly ever gets to be in any pictures. While he was off getting us some drinks I grabbed the camera and took some shots so he can be in the pictures too.

A Coke-a-cola drinker.... MY kind of man LOL!!!!

Pour me a drink!!:

Thanks for reading :)

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