Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec. Posting Day 19-20: My kids are Silly

Carlos bought Carlitos a new Iron Man mask and he LOVES it! He likes pretty much anything that is a costume, or a hat, or something he can wear. This weekend I wanted to play around with the 50mm when we were at their Nana's house so I told Carlitos to go outside so I could take his picture. Maricela was asleep but she joined the fun later ;-)

He was imitating the camera... he was making the clicking noises of the shutter, chick... chuck. He is way too funny:

Playing with leaves:

Super hero stance:

Finally, the princess is awake... but she's not in a smiley mood:

She fell off the bike and scraped her knee a little bit:

Litos borrowed Mena's crown and said he was a prince:

Iron Man and the princess sitting by Nana's tree. Isn't it so pretty?

Thanks for reading!!!

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