Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec Posting Day 17: A Newborn Share

This little cutie is my niece, Emily. She was born on Tuesday and we took these pictures of her this past Thursday. Isn't she a total doll?! This was my first attempt at a newborn shoot and I'm really proud of how these came out. Hopefully we'll have time to take some more (today?) before she gets too much bigger. I got some really great tips from a wonderful newborn photographer from a message board I am a part of and I can't wait to try out her tips; she is fabulous and it was extremely flattering for her to tell me that I have the potential to be a fab newborn photographer. I was over the moon with that comment :-) Now I need to find a bunch of babies to practice on ;-) For now, here is Emily:

Thanks for reading!

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