Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec. Posting Day 18: A Quick Newborn Share

We were supposed to have another newborn shoot this Saturday but we decided to move it to Monday (today !) so we wouldn't be rushed for time. On Friday I took a few quick shots of Emily and hopefully she's as cooperative today as she was on Friday. Too bad it wasn't planned as a full shoot, she was being SO GOOD!!! Here are some shots of me working with her at the first session we had on Thursday:

I was feeding her and testing to see if her feet were warm:

and a few from Friday:

We left her dressed so she wouldn't wake up:

As I was packing up my stuff, my sister asked me to take some in her Christmas dress. OF COURSE I agreed. Who would NOT want to photograph such a cutie pie?!

Thanks for reading! I hope I can get better shots today :-)

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