Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Lonely Park

On my drive home last night it was raining and cold... it was just really crappy weather. As I was getting closer to home the rain stopped and the sky turned the most beautiful yellow and gray colors. I passed by the park and it was empty because of the rain and because there were huge puddles of water everywhere. It just looked so pretty. I kept driving and as I pulled into our driveway I decided that I needed to go back to take a picture. If I didn't have 2 hungry kids with me I might have spent a lot more time taking pictures of how pretty everything looked. I only took a few shots and these are my 2 favorite ones. They were nearly perfect straight out of camera but I added just a little more vibrance in Lightroom 3. As I moved the slider a little... I fell in love, LOL!!!

I love how moody this one is:

You can still see the storm clouds lingering above:

Just for fun, here is one I took of Maricela. Please excuse the pen marks on her face... she was "drawing" at grandma's house:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec Posting Days 20-22: Another Newborn Share

I've shared these all over the place but I have yet to put them on my blog. I am extremely proud at how good these came out. It was a lot of work again (+ 2 hrs) but I think the wait was SO worth it. I can't wait to get my hands on more newborns... I just have so many ideas!! My older sister and I worked on these together again and I think we make a great team. The first few were her idea (I helped her set up and pose the baby) but I wanted to try more bean bag pictures. Thanks so much to Erin Elizabeth for the posing and lighting tips. She's amazing and I'm really thankful that she took the time to share some of her knowledge.

I'm in LOVE with all of them!! My younger sister (the mamma) is over the moon with these too :-) Here are a few of my favorites:

My older sister working on fixing some of the details. I was testing the lighting:

This hat fit her SO big but I think she still looks SO cute:

Thanks for reading :-)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec. Posting Day 19-20: My kids are Silly

Carlos bought Carlitos a new Iron Man mask and he LOVES it! He likes pretty much anything that is a costume, or a hat, or something he can wear. This weekend I wanted to play around with the 50mm when we were at their Nana's house so I told Carlitos to go outside so I could take his picture. Maricela was asleep but she joined the fun later ;-)

He was imitating the camera... he was making the clicking noises of the shutter, chick... chuck. He is way too funny:

Playing with leaves:

Super hero stance:

Finally, the princess is awake... but she's not in a smiley mood:

She fell off the bike and scraped her knee a little bit:

Litos borrowed Mena's crown and said he was a prince:

Iron Man and the princess sitting by Nana's tree. Isn't it so pretty?

Thanks for reading!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec. Posting Day 18: A Quick Newborn Share

We were supposed to have another newborn shoot this Saturday but we decided to move it to Monday (today !) so we wouldn't be rushed for time. On Friday I took a few quick shots of Emily and hopefully she's as cooperative today as she was on Friday. Too bad it wasn't planned as a full shoot, she was being SO GOOD!!! Here are some shots of me working with her at the first session we had on Thursday:

I was feeding her and testing to see if her feet were warm:

and a few from Friday:

We left her dressed so she wouldn't wake up:

As I was packing up my stuff, my sister asked me to take some in her Christmas dress. OF COURSE I agreed. Who would NOT want to photograph such a cutie pie?!

Thanks for reading! I hope I can get better shots today :-)

Dec Posting Day 17: A Newborn Share

This little cutie is my niece, Emily. She was born on Tuesday and we took these pictures of her this past Thursday. Isn't she a total doll?! This was my first attempt at a newborn shoot and I'm really proud of how these came out. Hopefully we'll have time to take some more (today?) before she gets too much bigger. I got some really great tips from a wonderful newborn photographer from a message board I am a part of and I can't wait to try out her tips; she is fabulous and it was extremely flattering for her to tell me that I have the potential to be a fab newborn photographer. I was over the moon with that comment :-) Now I need to find a bunch of babies to practice on ;-) For now, here is Emily:

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec. postings: Days 10-16

Ugh, I haven't kept up with my daily postings this month :( It has been a really busy week. On Friday we were at the dealership because my husband bought a new (used) car. Saturday was his company's Christmas party, Sunday I had my first family shoot and I spent a couple of days editing those. I've been EXHAUSTED and the last couple of days I've been going to sleep at 8 pm, can you believe it?! lol!!! December was a bad month to try to post once a day, don't you think? Next weekend is going to be worse!! Hopefully we have a great Christmas :)

Today I'm going to try my first newborn shoot with my sister's baby. She is only 3 days old today, I'm SO excited!!! I can't for this work day to be over so I can go play already :) My car is full with some props I can use today, hopefully I can pull off some of the cute ideas I have in my head. Don't worry... they're all pretty basic. I'm totally inexperienced photographing a newborn so you won't see any hanging babies from me ;). Hopefully I get some good (hopefully great lol) shots so I can share some tomorrow. For now, here are some random ones I took this week:

All of these were taken with my iPhone on the way to the dealership... well, except the last two. I took those yesterday at work with my phone. The sky was so pretty! Yes, I edit some of my phone pictures too 'cause editing is fun for me :P

This one is a little blurry but I still like it. The sun streaks were SOOO pretty!!

I love the clouds:

Under the freeway:

Here are some cute headbands I made for my neice to wear today. :)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dec. Posting Day 9: Random Photo Shares

I was looking through my Flickr and I saw TONS of pictures I haven't shared. Since I didn't take any fun pictures today, I'll share some of those "forgotten" pictures. :)

A few weeks ago we had a few "guess the photographer" theads on the message board I am a part of and this is one of the pictures I submitted (for landscapes) so I wasn't able to share it on here until now (the answers have already been posted). I love sunsets:

Fun at the Park:

Pretty Gazebo:

Bench Fun:

Tatiana's "Drowning Duck" LOL!!!

Smelling the flowers. This one is a little blown :-( But I still love it:

Thanks for reading. See, I told you it was random. LOL