Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick Photo Share

Man, I've really been neglecting posting on my blog. Not because I haven't taken any pictures I could post but because I haven't been super proud of any of my recent pictures. We bought the Nikkor 70-200mm VRII (it got here on Thursday) and I haven't had a chance to really play with it. I took a few pictures of the kids with it today but I was super disappointed at how bad they were. Well... they were not horrible but definitely not what I should be producing with this lens (they were all slightly blurry). I guess there is a learning curve that I have to overcome so hopefully I'll have more time to play with it soon. The size is another major factor that I have to get used to. It's really hard to keep a steady hand (something that I think I am pretty good at) with a lens this size. I'll have to keep playing with it so I can get used to it. In the meantime, here are some cute pictures I took of the kids today on the way to their Nana's house. Taken with the D700 and the 28mm 2.8.

I don't know why she was acting shy, she is anything BUT shy lol!

Then she decided to peek at me. I LOVE her!!!

Of course Carlitos needs attention too. If Mena is getting pictures he wants some too. "Take a picture of ma fin-go mom!" LOL They are both way too funny.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. LOL, these are all so cute! & wow, the one of your son's finger looks 3D!

  2. Not sure if this helps but when you have a longer lens you need to make sure you up your shutter speed so you don't have blurry pictures. For example when I have my 50mm I keep my shutter at at least 100 (1/100th). Some people can do 60 but I'm not that good yet. Btw I found your blog from CM forum:-)

  3. Heather, thank you for your advice but the 28mm is actually considered a wide angle lens not a longer lens. The reason this picture is "blurry" is because I had the aperture set at f/2.8 and I focused on his finger so the rest of the picture would be "blurry" on purpose. Check out this really neat DOF calculator that explains how focal length + F-Stop + distance from subject all work together to create the blurry backgrounds or "bokeh": It has some really interesting information. :) Thanks for commenting.

  4. These are great. Your kids are adorable as usual. I can tell you were using your wide angle lens and your focus is perfect IMO. Not sure what the previous poster is talking about!! I don't see camera shake at all!

  5. What a cute picture of your daughter! I love how you widened your aperture to draw the attention to your son's fingers. It really adds a nice effect to the photo.

  6. Hey girl - long time no see...I was hanging out on SPN and saw your blog. I agree with Care - I don't what the poster above was talking about...I love the depth of field you got by focusing on your son's finger. It looks awesome!