Monday, October 25, 2010

Feeling so Blah.

I don't know why I've been feeling so blah about my photography lately. I hadn't taken any pictures in a few weeks but I just took some at the pumpkin patch this weekend. Looking at them in the camera I was really excited about them. Even when I loaded them to the computer they all looked great. It wasn't until after I started editing them that I began to feel so blah about how I was editing. Just doing what I usually do you know... nothing out of the ordinary. I love editing pictures so I don't know why I started to feel so bad about them. I mean, they looked good SOOC so it had to be my editing that messed them up. Some where more vibrant than others... some more bright... some darker. Ugh. I love editing but I hate editing a batch of pictures I guess because that's when I start seeing inconsistencies. I guess I should have used LightRoom and used the Sync option to keep them all looking the same.

Well I mean, even looking at other people's photographs makes me feel so blah about my own. There is nothing really special about it, nothing different or nothing that stands out. I tell myself how can I expect myself to learn and to grow if I don't go out there and practice. I leave a few weeks inbetween "shoots" of the kids so how can I see improvement if I don't practice. Ugh. I really, really need to practice and get myself out of this rut. :(

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