Tuesday, September 28, 2010

iPhone Macros

I bought these camera phone lens attachments from Photojojo and they are really lots of fun. I'm loving the macro attachment especially. Here are some of the shots I took yesterday with this cool little attachment. It was a little windy yesterday (ugh, finally some cooler weather!) so it was a little hard to get a good focus on the rose and the tiny oranges because the whole stem would sway. I am still really happy with how these came out :)

This was a tiny, tiny rose but the macro makes it look bigger than it actually is:

New Fern:

Teeny Oranges:


Inside of a Rose. This one is a little grainy but that's okay. I could always run it through a noise reduction program if I wanted to.

All of these were edited to boost the color a tiny bit and to cropped to 4x6 ratio. I don't know what ratio the iPhone crops to but it annoys me that it's not the "default" that a regular camera is, lol! I'm just weird like that.

Pretty awesome, right?

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